We’re constantly looking for all kinds of talent to join our team

Are you a broker, indenter, freelancer, independent agent, or you are simply a superstar Marketing Professional in the chemical & pharmaceutical industries?

If your answer is yes, to any of these candidates who perceive the opportunity to outsource any potential project associated with to our trade with a long term partner or customer, we welcome you to explore the idea with us. The advantages of outsourcing work and partnering with us are mentioned in the model proposals.

With 30 years of strong foundation and an extensive global networks in the industry of fine and specialty chemicals, we create an reliable and convincing platform to collaborate with trust and comfort. Being incorporated in Singapore and with our low cost of operation, we have the competitive advantage and reputation as an established player in the industry.

Henceforth, should you have projects or opportunities related to chemicals or ingredients, we are able to offer lower prices to you or your clients with huge cost saving and world-class services.

We are actively seeking Partners like you and enthusiastic to form a strategic business alliance by adapting either of the simple models as elaborated below to trigger the collaboration:

  1. Lead Sharing
  2. You pass a lead to us and we close the deal based on your reference with no operational intervention from you. Once we sign the deal, you will get a percentage varying from 5-10% of the total billing.


    • Zero Operational intervention.
    • Share on total billing & not profits.
    • You please your customer by offering help through your ‘Network’.


  3. Work Together
  4. You will be engaged with the client and having the understanding of the project requirements. For the initial information gathering, we as partners, will provide you with the necessary marketing tools and data for your pitching. We may provide support to client directly from our knowledge and circumstance. Revenue sharing in this modal ranges from 20-25%.


    • A special Price from us to work with.
    • A dedicated Account Manager for your project.
    • Direct/Indirect Client support.
    • Real time response of the project.
    • Your client gets best of both worlds with Local Contact and very competitive Outsourcing prices.

In any of the options, you are free to introduce yourselves as our team and share our portfolio.

Interested ?

Please send in your expression of interest by filling up the "Be our Partner" form. We respect your privacy and assure you that your contact information will NOT be shared with any third party. All info provided you by shall be bonded by our confidentiality agreement. Our outsourcing consultants will get in touch with you with more details.