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Chemigran is a privately owned pharmaceutical company. We are supplier and contract manufacturer of Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and a variety of finished dosage forms. Specializing in oncology API, our portfolio also includes drugs of other therapeutic ranges.

Incorporated in 1993, Chemigran prides itself among one of the world’s leading suppliers of API and intermediates from Asia to international pharmaceutical companies. In line with the objective to grow with its customers, the company established its laboratory in Singapore to engage in value-added services of regulatory affairs and technical support for the products sold by Chemigran. R&D is one of its activities to explore innovative and cost effective processes of active substance suitable for production. It’s R&D center was accredited with quality and risk management by ISO9001 and Biz safe respectively with approval from the Health Science Authority and National Environment Agency of Singapore of its operation.

Over the years, Chemigran has proven track record of supplying pharmaceutical services to topmost pharmaceutical companies‏, government institutions, and non-government organizations around the world.

All our activities are carried out in state-of-the-art facilities and able to handle reactions ranging from normal to specialized chemical reaction, as well as process of enzymatic reactions‏. Our R&D lab is capable of fermentation up to 30 L, cryogenic reactions, and high temperature reactions etc.

Since 1997 when ICH Q7A was introduced, we are constantly providing regulatory services to support our suppliers in India and China in preparation and filing of DMF along with support of other regulatory documentations, validation and stability studies etc.

Since 2011, contract manufacturing provided by Chemigran has been growing with the company under some loan license facilities in India and special arrangement with pharmaceutical manufacturers in China covering intermediates, API and formulations. All sources and facilities of our engagement are GMP approved with DMF and regulatory documents to accompany each product.

Chemigran aspires to lead in Oncology drugs development and its production. Specializing in supply and R&D of oncology drug substances ‏, our technical team is dedicated and determined to reinvent the manufacturing of cytotoxic drugs in most

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